Friday, May 1, 2009

You Are What You Eat???

Here are some interesting facts that I came across:

(It was in Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader - but hey, I picked it up one day to see why all the boys in my house liked the book so much. I have to say, it had some interesting facts as proven below).

Chicken McNuggets - the main ingredients in Chicken McNuggets is NOT chicken. a McNugget is actually made up of 38 ingredients, mostly chemicals and corn derivatives (56%!!!). One chemical found in a McNugget is (0.02%) is tertiary butylhydroquinone - which is actually a burtaane, also known as lighter fluid.

Cool Whip - Cool whip actually containes NO cream or milk, instead they use a combination of water, corn syrup, coconut oil and palm kerner oil!

Red Bull - An 8.5 oz can actually only has as much caffine as a regular cup of coffee - the "energy" comes from a stimulant known as taurine, which is naturally occurning in the bile of oxen (although you will be happy to know that today it is synthesized in labs).

Twinkies - One of the many chemicals that you can find in a Twinkie is ethylene oxide - another use for ethylene oxide? It was used in grenades durig the Vietnam war!

Magic Shell - You know those chocolate syrups that hardens into a thick cand shell when poured over icecream??? Ever wonder how it hardens? The effect comes from a combination of soybean oil and paraffin wax.

Makes you wonder what is in some of the other processed foods you eat eh???



  1. Just so you know, you haven't succeeded in ruining McNuggets, Cool Whip, or Twinkies for me. Ha! Plugging my ears and singing "la, la, la, la."

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