Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HELP!!! How much cake can one person eat?

Okay - I know I have said it before, I LOVE cake. I really do, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE vanilla cakes with vanilla frosting from Safeway (a grocery store here in Canada). It is a sick obsession, honestly it is...someone close to me must come to my house and save me from myself. I accidentally bought to much cake and it not as much was eaten as I had predicted (there was two kinds) and I was left with alot.

...So, I had cake last night, then I had cake at midnight, then a bit more when I woke up at 2 am, then cake at breakfast, then a bit more for a morning snack...some at lunch too, and a bit more for afternoon snack too and maybe some for supper and well, maybe some after supper as well...and there is still more left!!!!

My very good son took a large piece to help me out when he saw I was going back for more and I even sent some home with my mom today - but help me!!!! I have no ability to walk away from the cake!!!! It is a sickness, I can't even help myself! I actually wrestled my son to shove a piece whole into my mouth!!

The sugar level has reached toxic levels, I actually wrestled my son when he tried to stop me and shoved a whole piece into my mouth!!! It is a sickness, I can't help myself! I need reinforcements! I need backup, so please, please come help me!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


During June I am dreaming of long, lazy days spent basking in the sun. Warm skin, cool drinks and the shrieks of happy kids playing. I am dreaming of doing nothing and having to go nowhere. Yet summer is over in a blink of an eye. The end of summer is looming ahead of us and the back to school shopping and preparing will soon begin.

My summer days passed with not a whole lot to show for them. I have totally put aside all goals of learning for easy reading historical romance books, all the while doing the bare minimum around the house, which is basically laundry and dishes, and I don't remember the last time I went to bed before midnight or got up before 10. But that is what summer is - a break from all the mundane, everyday tasks, chores and demands that occupies my time during the school year, yet, I have to admit that I am a bit ashamed that I am not using my time a bit more effectively.

Over the next three weeks my Jesse and Tia's days will be filled with back to school prep (Justin is away for all of August). Tia will be have two weeks dedicated to getting ready for fall dance classes and will spend most of her days at the dance studio preparing for fall exams. Tia's final week will be spent in a volleyball camp getting ready for fall tryouts. Jesse on the other hand will fill his final summer days with First Aid and lifeguard training, with some extra time spent lane swimming as he wants to increase his strength and speed. Plus, Jesse wants to prepare for his driving learners test and do a bit of driving training - hmmm, we will have to see about that one.

With two of my kids buckling down and ready to work hard towards their goals, I too will resume working on goals from my Ten Year Plan. The first thing I am going to re-focus on is studying sign language. I know I will want to use it during volleyball season with Tia, so I need to study hard and then practice with Tia so that she will have some practice too (although she reattains it far better then I seem to).

I will also clean my house on Monday - I mean REALLY clean my house. The kids will be out of the house all day and I am going to do both my weekly and monthly clean jobs - both of which have been largely neglected as of late. I will then move on to the yard work. Jesse, Justin and I have been keeping up with the yard work, but I think that some extra time spent weeding and fertilizing may be needed. Plus, it seems like a endless pile of flip flops and runners is growing on my front porch and balls seem to be laying everywhere - soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, and kick balls. So before the rain hits - and it will - all those balls will need to be picked up and put back into the bin in the garage. All in all - I think my cleaning will take me all day Monday and some of Tuesday.

Summer is coming to a close and days filled with nothingness is definitely over...but it was nice while it lasted!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Growing Up and Moving Out

It feels quiet around my house as of late. It is very different then when I had four young kids running around my house. When my kids where young there was a constant clatter of noise that made me feel like I would sell my right arm for a bit of piece and quiet. Something was always happening - fighting, crying, banging of toy trucks, the bossing a small, but determined little princess...

Quiet was only reserved for night time when everyone was gloriously all asleep or when the kids were being particularly naughty, like making a magic potion out of laundry detergent or causing a great flood like in Noah's time in the bathroom with small men and animals. Quiet time was basically unheard of.

Yet things do change - one day I woke up and realised that things have definitely changed around here! Now quiet seems to be the norm. Sleeping in and taking naps is loved by all and quiet reading or watching movies is a favorite activity. Every now and again I hear music coming from my daughters room and some pounding on the floor and I know that Tia is once again practicing her ballet, or I hear the kids make plans to go into the field to play soccer or someone bangs around in the kitchen to put together a sandwich, but all in all, it is eerily quiet around here.

This summer also came with another big change. I helped my eldest son pack up his stuff and move out. His once VERY messy room now stands clean and empty and his spot at the dinner table now sits empty.

It is a weird feeling, mixed with happiness and relief of not having the argument to clean his room or having to do his laundry, along with the terror of not having my child under my watchful eye, and knowing that it is totally up to HIM to make good choices now, not me.

As I watch my eldest son work his first full time job and take on the responsibilities of bills and rent I have to admit that I feel a mixture of pride and fear, all mixed up in a tangle of emotions. Questions and thoughts have swirled around in my mind of what I did right...what I did wrong...what is my role now...what does he still need from me?

Even though there is some relief when your kids move out, it is hard to let go. Now, when I look into the eyes of my adult child I remind myself that he will never be too old or outgrow his need for the love, guiding and understanding of his mother and I am reminded that the argument over a messy room will not last forever!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Just Had to Share...

So I was doing some random reading and I came acrross this:

“A lifetime can be well spent correcting and improving one’s own faults without bothering about others.”
-- Edward Weston

I have no idea who this person is, but as soon as I read this it hit me hard. How often do I focus on what I see as other peoples faults? Far too often...maybe I should change my focus...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

We are in the middle of torrential downpours! Here in Alberta we sometimes have wet springs, but more or less dry summers. We are known to be quite a dry climate overall...

Well sump pumps have been working over time for the amount of rain we have gotten in the last two days! It has been raining...and raining...and raining...and hmmmm...raining some more!

I have decided I don't like rain - NOT AT ALL! Rain is cold and wet, it makes my hair frizzy and makes me want to hide inside and drink tea and eat yummy baked goods. So I broke down today and whipped up a strawberry-rhubarb pudding cake. You know the kind of cakes, the batter rises to the top and the fruit pudding is hot and gooey on the bottom. The kind of cake that goes perfect with a dollop of whipped cream on top and a cup of tea on the side.

So I am going to sit down with my frizzy hair and try not to scowl at anyone and eat my cake and drink tea.

Hope everyone else's summer is warmer :(


Friday, July 9, 2010

Two Week Challenge - Update

So for the last five days I have been trying very hard to eat better, not just better, but with more awareness of what I put in my mouth. I have realized that I have become desensitized to what I have been eating in our over processed food society.

This week I planed meals with fresh cuts of meat, fish, lots of veggies and lots of snacks of fruits and nuts...but wow...this is harder then I thought!

So I was just wondering...I wanted to take a poll, do you think I could sneak a couple of Tim Horton donuts, a half a bag of salt and vinegar chips (eaten while shopping), a meal of KFC and a couple of hot dogs into the "whole foods" category???

No matter how much I bake and cook for myself, I am realizing how much I depend on others to supply me with my families food. So I am going to keep on doing this challenge, encouraged that I have become much more aware and am thinking more about what I put in my body. How is everyone else doing?


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two-Week Challenge

For the last two years I have been slowly putting on some extra weight - nothing huge, 5lbs - 10lbs. I told myself that this was just the mid-30's spread and that my metabolism was starting to shift and I had also decreased in exercising off and on over that time.

"This is normal", I told myself over and over again and what was a few pounds anyways?

So I just increased my exercise routine, still determined to eat as I was and to fight those extra pounds by some good old fashioned exercise...but wait, it has been 10 months and I haven't lost a single pound! If anything I have put on a pound or two.

Now, I wouldn't care what the scale said if my clothes were fitting better and I felt leaner and healthier, but that is not the case. All my weight is sitting around my middle - the most dangerous place for extra weight to sit!

I am pretty sure I know what is happening - I have slowly been neglecting my diet and allowing much more processed foods into my life - fast food (I am crazy over hamburgers and fries), creamer (you know the kind - the stuff that lasts for a year in your fridge!), store bought cookies and snacks is only to name a few! Plus, I love to bake, I particularly love to eat whatever I bake, which is often filled with sugar, white flour and bad oils (like margarine and vegetable oil).

But, here is the big BUT...I also love my body and want to be fit and healthy! I love the feeling of my muscles taunt and stretching, not so much my fat jiggling! Plus, there is the old saying "junk in, junk out". How can I be healthy when I am filling my body with foods I can't even pronounce when I look at the labels?

So here is my challenge to myself and to all of my family and friends:

For two weeks:

1. Stick to a diet of whole, unprocessed foods.

You know the kind - foods that are in the form in which God created them, fresh, unprocessed and simple. You can also think of this as part of a "Green Challenge" - real food = less packaging!

2. Eat 3 meals a day, with 2 snacks - never miss breakfast and do not eat for two hours before going to bed.

Breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the day - it is the most important meal of the day. Eating consistently over the course of the day helps maintain your metabolism and insulin levels. Helping you burn more calories and store less fat. Eating before you go to bed is the best way to ensure you gain weight, our body goes into repair mode and starts to store all that "fuel", normally as fat.

3. Ensure I am getting 25g of fibre every day.

Fibre not only cleans out your insides, but it helps stabilize your insulin levels, which will increase your metabolism, help you absorb the nutrients in your food better and help decrease the ups and downs in your energy levels throughout the day.

It sounds like a pretty easy challenge - that is until you really think about it! We are such a processed generation that I didn't even realize all the processed food I eat until I sat down with this challenge in front of my! Some of my biggest processed culprits are things I never gave much thought to - salad dressings, packaged yogurt, condiments, sauces, high sodium spice blends, plus all the breads that are filled with preservatives to increase their shelf life.

So for the next two weeks, I am going to be thinking about what food I use to fuel my body, is it good, whole food that will increase my health or is it just something to fill me up. I encourage all of you to take this challenge with me, and as I post over the next two weeks, I would love to hear your comments about your journey to better health!


Saturday, May 22, 2010


Did you know that 12 year old girls can be KILLED by giant worms????

Also, that when chased with a worm by a teenage boy and a father who is acting like a teenage boy that the same 12 year old girl can scream loud enough for the whole neighbourhood to hear and wonder who is being being killed?

Hmmmm...she was almost KILLED by the giant worm!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

My "NEW" Five Year Plan (revised from 10-year plan)

So I have been thinking a lot lately about my “10 Year Plan”, I have decided that revisions must be made. I have been reading a lot lately about how people who have goals written down and are more likely to be actively working towards them, but that you should revisit and revise your goals at least twice a year. Plus, I have decided that 10 years is just too long, I am anxious to do these things now, so I have made this into “My 5-Year Plan”. Once a few things are done and crossed off my list I will figure out what I want to put on the list so that it is always sitting between 10 - 15 things.

So I have been asking myself – what is it that I really want to do? What is important to me verses just what I would like to do? I would love to travel the whole world, but is there one or two places that I just NEED to see? What are some of the experiences that I just really want to have? Life long learning is important to me, so what do I really want to learn?

I have been working on my 10-Year Plan since I made it, but to be honest, I have been working more towards some goals then others – for example, a smart monkey could still beat me at chess, but on the other hand, I have read 5 classic books.

So I have re-looked at my goals with these questions in mind and have chosen 15 things that I really want to do.

1. Read 20 classics – I have picked out 25 that I am choosing between, I have already finished the first 5

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
Emma by Jane Austen
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
Jane Ere by Charlotte Bronte
Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
Persuasion by Jane Austen
Villette by Charlotte Brontë
Shirley by Charlotte Bronte
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston
The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton
Les Misérables by Victor Hugo
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
Dracula by Bram Stoker
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Montgomery

2. Learn another language

I have decided that knowing more than English is important to me. I took French from Grades 4 to 10 in school, but I hated it and have retained very little. I still have not decided if I want to learn French or Spanish, but I am leaning towards Spanish first, and then maybe trying to pick up some French again. I want to be able to speak it well enough that if in a country that is French/Spanish speaking I could do basic things like order dinner, find a bathroom, get basic directions…that sort of thing.

3. Learn Sign language

This is something that I have wanted for several years now, so I don’t know why I haven’t done it before now! I have started this and can count to 20, sign the alphabet, sign 25 or so words consistently (but am familiar with 50 or so more words), but I can sign only a few phrases consistently. I am going to be practicing all summer.

4. Learn my geography

This is still on the list and it is important to me – I feel foolish and somewhat ignorant when I do not know where things are. I will be honest, most of the time I couldn’t even guess where places approximately are. I am bad, very, very bad!

5. Learn to play chess – or should I say learn to play chess well! This is still on the list.

6. Run a marathon

Still on the list - I don’t have any dreams of becoming a “marathon runner”, that is beyond me and doesn’t really interest me, but I want to be able to say that I have “run a marathon”. I just think it is kind of cool and something that not everyone does. I am still running and plan on making running one of my life long habits and hope to never give it up again.

I am trying to get my kids and husband to join me, but with no real success. My son Jesse fractured his knee this spring and it still bothers him when he runs for any distance, my other son Justin is only interested if Jesse is involved, Tia is a bad runner (she really is!) and my husband just laughs at me and says “NO”. I didn’t even bother to ask Brandon!

7. Learn to golf

I have always wanted to know how to golf; I have only gone a few times in my life, but have really loved it each time. Plus, my husband and three of my kids (Jesse, Justin and Tia) all enjoy golfing, so it is something we could all do together!

8. Learn to ski

This too is still on the list. I am still a bit afraid of it though, going down an icy hill with two long sticks strapped to my feet seems a bit silly and very dangerous with respect to my lack of coordination.

9. See every province in Canada - Drive across Canada

I have combined my goal of seeing the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island) and driving across Canada. Other than the Maritimes, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the only provinces I have never been to – and although I have no burning desire to spend any amount of time in either of these two provinces, I would like to drive through them so I can say I have been there.

10. Learn how to drive a motorcycle – This is still on the list!

11. Go sailing

I do still kind of want to buy a boat, but I have realized that what I really want to do is go sailing, and not is some silly little lake, but in the ocean. In the romantic, unrealistic part of my heart I would really like is to go sailing around the world - like a pirate - but the realistic part of me will accept sailing for an afternoon.

12. Canoe across Gull Lake

I don’t know how many times I have stood at my parent’s patio window and thought about that! Too many that is for sure! So why not? It can’t be that far can it?

13. Go somewhere tropical on vacation

I really don’t know where I would go, maybe Hawaii, but I don’t think it really matters to be honest. I just want to be able to sit on a tropical beach, someplace hot, that serves drinks with little umbrellas in it.

14. Start planning/Go on an oversees trip – either to England, France or Italy

I really want to see all of them – plus Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Israel, I could go on…but I will be happy if I can just plan and do one in the next 10 years.

15. Go to Vegas

Who hasn’t gone to Vegas??? Me. Really I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t gone, most people more then once! I am not a gambler, but I want to roll some dice and pull on that machine that has the cherries on it. Plus, I have heard lots about the buffets, shows, lights – all of which I think would be fun and exciting to see and experience.

So there it is. I could add about 100 things onto this list of things I want to do, see and learn, but I have tried to keep it realistic and within reason. But, I am tired of just sitting back and thinking that someday I will do all the things I dream about doing, someday I will find the time/money/etc. Some of these things I can start now, or at least start planning for now.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

So Bored...

Are you ever just bored with your life and no amount of planning, vacationing or even warm weather (after a very long winter – or so it seemed) seems to pull you out of your funk?

It seems like I have had a hard year. Nothing major happened that I can point to; it was just all the little things that were the same this year as they were last year, and the year before that, and the year before that…well you see my point. It is not that I don’t like what I am doing per say, it just is a lot of sameness and fringed with a lot of small disappointments.

Life often makes me feel like I am a hamster on a wheel, always running and never getting anywhere. I am ready for a change, that is certain…and I have to say that I am a girl that typically does not relish change.

Maybe I just want to feel noticed. Do you ever feel like you go about your day completely invisible to everyone – well until supper is suppose to be on the table or someone needs a drive somewhere? But honestly, even when I go shopping now I will typically just go through a self-checkout counter, in and out totally unnoticed. Most days I seem to spend more time talking to my dogs then humans. Some time days will go by where the only people I have spoken to are my kids, which I guess the kids are an upgrade to the dogs, but with teenagers sometimes I have to wonder if the dogs are smarter! Well less hormonal for sure! And does arguing count for a conversation?

Today I was so bored that I ran my cart down a Costco isle and jumped on the back – my son Jesse just rolled his eyes and said, “really mom, everyone is going to think you are high”. As I said before – teenagers are a special breed. All the other bored moms watching me probably just thought I feel off my rocker, that the stress of Costco finally made me snap.

Since some of you know, I am an emotional cooker and eater, I am going lace up my shoes, and go for a quick run before I whip myself up some comfort food tonight – actually a comfort drink. I am leaning towards something cold and sweet, something frothy with just a twist of hmmm…rum??? I even have little umbrellas that I can put in it if I want to. So I will sit on my front porch and watch the world go by while drinking my umbrella drink while dreaming that I am really on some fabulous island, watching a breathtaking sunset over the ocean, with a party all around me!

Hope your evening is even more exciting...


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mother! xoxoxox

Love Christine

Friday, March 5, 2010

"Ten-Year Plan" Update - What am I doing??

So I have had some time to think about my ten-year plan and I have decided that all the traveling may be a bit ambitious. I haven't decided what to strike out yet, but I will keep you posted on what I decided to take out and what I may decide to put in instead.

#4 - Run a marathon: I have started on this, I am now running 6 km in about 35 minutes, which I do 3 - 4 times a week. I do strength training only 1 - 2 times a week, but I really should be doing it 2 - 3 times a week. I will work on that.

#6 - Learn how to play chess: I got a book, Chess for Dummies, I haven't opened it or looked at it, but hey, I got the book! I should open it this weekend...

#7 - Learn my geography: I have been paying much closer attention and now have a firm understanding which is the Pacific ocean (left of me) and the Atlantic ocean (right of me). Baby steps...Actually I am looking for a world puzzle that is around the 1000 piece mark (I need to extend my search out of my city, think I may need to find a specialty store), we like to puzzle and I figured this would be a good learning opportunity for all!

#8 - Read at least 20 classics: I have started on this, but will talk more about the books in a separate post.

#19 - See a whale in the wild: I will on my Vancouver Island trip!!

I am actively working on 5 - not bad I think!

To see my sister's progress on her list check her out at 6blockswest!

Have a great weekend,

Monday, February 22, 2010

# 19 - See a Whale in the Wild

I am serious about my ten-year plan, I may not get to do all the traveling that I want to, but I am going to diligently try to do everything on that list!

So as I was planning our Vancouver Island trip I noticed several Whale Watching Adventure Tours, particularly on the Pacific rim of the Island out of Tofino and Ucluelet. As I was reading I found out that from early February to the end of April, approximately 20,000 gray whales migrate along the western coast of the Island. Being that spring is not peak tourist season, I was able to find many discounts and specials at a completely affordable rate.

I am having a hard time narrowing down all I want to see and do on the Island, but a whale watching tour has made the final list!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vancouver Island

We are going to Vancouver Island over spring break this year. We have a friend who has a vacation house in Campbell River who has graciously offered to let us use it so we will be packing up and driving the 16 plus hours to spend a glorious week on the Island.

My husband has driven out a few times (he has family in Vancouver) with the boys, but Tia has never been, and I have not been out since 1997. Wow, that was a long time ago!

I have never much cared for the city of Vancouver (sorry all those from there!), too much traffic, too big and it definitely encroached on my space issues - but the Island was another story. I loved it there! My husband and boys spent two weeks in Campbell River in August and my son Jesse fell hard. He phoned me and said that he felt that he belonged there, like it was part of him and that he never wanted to leave. He was ready to leave all things in Alberta behind and move.

My husband, knowing our love for the Island, is a wee bit concerned that Jesse and I will revolt at the end of our trip and refuse to come home, so he is currently working on updating his resume, researching local airports, and planning appointments with possible employers - but also storing extra ropes in the trunk in case he needs to take Jesse and I back to Alberta by force!

He knows that Jesse and I want to move, and being the good husband that he is, and wanting to make us happy, he is attempting to find work on the Island - not easy for a pilot without a float endorsement. But who knows, maybe at the end of 10 days the only reason we will be coming back to Alberta is to put our house on the market and pack!

I am currently planning out our trip - trying to pack as much sightseeing and fun into that week as possible! If anyone has any suggestions of "must see/do" activities I am all ears!


Why Learn To Sign??

Have you ever been in a crowded place with someone across the room that you are trying to communicate with? Maybe doing silly hand signals or mouthing the words real slow in hopes that they can figure out what you are saying and you have a stupid expression on your face because you have no idea what they are saying? Maybe it is just me, but this seems to happen a lot to me. I have always wanted to be able to speak to my children without shouting over noise or making hand jesters that only gets me confused looks. Sometimes though, I want to be able to give a command - like "enough" - that my children know, but that I am not expressing to all those around us.

Who will I sign too then? Mainly my daughter; Tia has been practicing her sign from kindergarten. She is naturally gifted at it and able to retain a lot of it, even though she is not using it much anymore. Sign got introduced to her because of some students in her class that had hearing difficulties and the teachers throughout the years have always seemed to incorporate sign to varying degrees throughout the years. I think that this is a good skill for her to have and I am afraid she will loose it if she does not have anyone to sign to. The college in our city offers two sign classes on a regular basis and right now I am watching for the spring/summer courses to come out to see if they are offering the beginners course over the summer, as that is when I have the most time to schedule something for me.

Have a great day,

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ten Year Plan??

So my dear sister was up thinking about goals last night and it got me to thinking. What exactly are my goals of what I want to do? I am always telling my husband and kids that if they need a plan of what they want and how to get there. I admit, I love lists, I especially love writing other people lists, although the feedback that I have gotten is that others do not especially love my lists, hmmmm.

So as my birthday is coming up, and as my dear son Jesse informed me, soon I will be closer to 40 then I am to 30 (lovely son eh?) and therefore am running out of years to get things done in my 30’s. Besides that, I have big plans for when all these kids are adults ,and seeing that I will be a mere 40 when my youngest turns 18, I think that I will make my list a ten year list.

Things I want to do over the next 10 years:

1. Buy a boat – I am not sure what type of boat I want, but at this point I would be happy with anything from a kayak to a motorboat.

2. Take up skiing – I have always regretted not knowing how to ski, but I am a bit clumsy and I have always worried that I would severely injure or kill myself. Plus, it is an expensive hobby, one that we have not been able to afford to indulge.

3. Go to England and drink tea and eat crumpets - well I would actually do more than that, but that would be a good place to start.

4. Run a marathon well at least a half marathon. Actually writing that as a goal seems kind of scary.

5. Learn sign language – Tia started to teach me, but I am old and forget things fast that I don’t use. I need to take the class I think.

6. Learn how to play chess - I do “know” how to play chess, but I think a bright monkey may be able to beat me. I need to know how to play to win.

7. Learn my geography! It is embarrassing that I seem to have no ability to retain where things are in this great world we live in. I am going to buy a HUGE map to mount in my family room as a good start.

8. Read at least 20 “classics” and form my own opinions of them.

9. Go to the symphony.

10. Get my first face lift – he, he, he. Okay, very vain, shallow and frivolous, but hey, it is still a goal :)

11. See at least one of my children get married and have the gift of my first grandchild. Okay, I realize that this is not within my control – but maybe I could put it on their 10 year plan???

12. Go on an Alaskan cruise.

13. Read the entire Bible (I have to admit that I have skipped some of it).

14. Go to Italy with Jerry and Dar.

15. Learn how to drive a motorcycle and drive across Canada with my hubby.

16. See the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island).

17. See the Grand Canyon.

18. Go skydiving (maybe…).

19. See a whale in the wild.

20. Travel the Southern States and try “Southern food”.

21. Go somewhere tropical on vacation, somewhere with long, hot, white beaches where they serve liquored drinks with little umbrellas in them.

22. Be a tourist in New York for a weekend.

I guess we will see how much of this list I get done...I want to do alot of traveling, there were lots of other places I could have added, but I rained myself in a bit.

Have a great weekend everyone!