Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ready, Set, CLEAN! – Part III

I am sorry about the delay in posting my fun spring cleaning list, regardless of my busyness with dance, I am determined to get my spring cleaning done and out of the way! This week I am going to tackle my bathrooms and kitchen, which are pretty big jobs when you actually start getting into it.

- Clean out all products and items from under the sink and cabinet areas, throw out all barely there, not liked (therefore not used) and expired cosmetics, beauty products, medications and vitamins
- Put aside all items that somehow migrated to your bathroom, but do not belong
- Wipe down cleared areas, put items back

- Remove all barley there (1 tsp of jam being saved), not liked (something that no one in your family will use), or expired condiments and food items from the fridge and freezer and throw them in the trash
- Move fridge and stove and clean underneath
- Clean outside of the fridge and stove
- Clean inside of fridge and freezer
- Vacuum refrigerator grill and coil
- Clean inside of the oven and under stove elements
- Empty pantry: wipe down shelves, get rid of expired or not liked items, re-organize items and put back
- Wipe down the outside of all the cupboard doors
- Empty all drawers and cupboards, remove anything broken or no longer used and wipe down insides

Happy spring cleaning!!

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