Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When it Rain it Pours

Here in sunny Alberta we go through long periods of no rain. The sun shines brightly, winter or summer, and you can spend hours just basking in the glory of Gods beautiful sun. Being that I have lived here since I have been 5, I am use to our dryer climate and nothing feels better to me than the hot sun on a summer’s day baking my skin (no steaming allowed!!). It makes me feel comforted, almost like God Himself is wrapping His arms around me, making me feel safe and well cared for.

But sometimes the rain comes.

I don’t like the rain, it is cold and wet and it makes the dogs and boys smell, it gets my house and van dirty and it makes my hair frizzy. There is nothing to really like about the rain, but yet after a good rainfall things seem to look better. The grass is greener, flowers seem brighter and all the dirt and dust have been washed away.

So is this true in life too?

Lately I feel like I have been dealing with a constant dribble of rain, which has recently turned into a downpour. At every turn things are going wrong, in the last week we have decided to retire our van and go to one vehicle over the summer (van is old and payments on a new vehicle is just not in the budget), our washing machine broke, our lawn mower stopped working and we noticed that something was leaking in our main upstairs bathroom so we are going to have to open the wall to fully diagnose it and fix it, to top it all off we received an unexpected bill in the mail and I received a speeding ticket. Once you add in the typical marriage, kids, school, and jobs my hair is not the only thing lift frizzy!

My prayer is that after this down pour things will look greener, brighter, and all of the dirt and mess of life has been washed away.

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  1. Life seems like it's been a bit complicated lately. One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 112:7--He will have no fear of bad news, his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. I happened upon this particular verse on a day when life seemed quite complicated (husband's pay cut-for the second time this year-as we are planning our daughter's wedding and so forth) Anyway, this was in my reading on that particular day. I like your thought that life often does look fresher after a good downpour. Maybe it fills those not so happy days with much needed hope.