Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yay, Saturday if finally here! This year I have been truly enjoying my Saturday mornings - there are some huge benefits to having teenagers, one of them being is that is not woken, they sleep, sleep, sleep! I am not kidding, often times it is around noon that the last two stubble out of bed. I have to admit that it is glorious. I get up, leisurely have my coffee, do my devotions, check my blog - there is no hurry to get anywhere or do anything, no rushing or dealing with a houseful of confirmed night owls - glorious!

I too, for most of my life, have been more a night person then a morning person, but over this last year I have trained my body (with lots of Gods help) to get up in the morning. Sleeping in does not give me the same joy it use to, now, I would rather get up early and go to bed earlier then stay up late and sleep in to the latest time possible. Sometimes this is difficult and causes me to get less sleep, as I am not able to sleep until all my children are home and my eldest sometimes works till 11 pm, but losing an hour of sleep and getting up on time still feels better than sleeping in that hour.

There have been health and lifestyle benefits to trying to keep a regular sleep schedule:

Better sleep - I tend to sleep better over all, I am not a "good" sleeper. I often have difficulty falling asleep and if woken during the night, I will have a very difficult time falling back to sleep. This was not a problem up until my mid 20's and it seems to get worse every year (I think that it is from my mother who also developed sleeping issues). When my sleep schedule is regular, my body seems to naturally want to follow it. I fall asleep faster (most nights) and for the most part, sleep more deeply till morning.

Waking up - I really no longer need an alarm clock. I use it because I my fear is that if I didn't that would be the day I didn't wake up! My body naturally wants to wake up and start my day around 6:30 in the morning. On weekends I often lay in bed and enjoy the feeling of comfort that only your bed first thing in the morning can give. Waking up on your own, and not by the jar of a buzzer going off, is a much better start to your day!

Time productivity - I am a bit of a mover and a shaker, I am most happy when time is being used efficiently and work is getting done! Okay, I admit that sometimes I have been called a slave driver, but I am one of those people who would not be able to relax in a dirty room. Someone told me once to "just leave the dishes for tomorrow" and I could have had a coronary! A good friend who was there choked on her drink she started laughing so hard! Leaving for tomorrow what should be done today is just not my style, but the older I get the more relaxed I seem to get (even if it unrecognizable to some!). Getting up in the morning and feeling good about relaxing for a bit, drinking some coffee, and doing devotions seems to be good for my over all productivity for the day.

So on weekends I do not have a specific schedule that I follow, so I will not post my a "To Do" list. Saturdays are used for working on tasks that the kids have lead roles in, home renovations or maintenance, fun activities out, or just hanging out and relaxing. Today we will be enjoying a fun day out and will be helping with a Soapbox Derby with Tyler's family (over at Titus2:3-5), which I am sure she will post pics on later today or tomorrow!

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Have a blessed weekend,

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