Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Trip to the Alberta Legislative Assembly in Edmonton

Yesterday I joined the Grade six class on a tour of our Legislative Assembly. Alberta is fairly “young”, but when we traveled to Edmonton to see our Provincial Government at work, we also got to see a piece of history as well. Alberta became a province in 1905 and the first legislative assembly was held in an ice rink, where 4000 people attended the ceremonies.

In 1907 construction of Alberta’s Legislature Building began. The Legislative Assembly first met in the building on November 30, 1911, but the project was not fully completed, and officially opened on September 3, 1912. Today, the sound systems have been updated, some new chairs brought in, but the desks, the flooring, the staircases, you name it, are all original.

The building is beautiful, as are the grounds, I am sorry for my bad photography that does not give it justice!


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