Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Time

Well time seems to be flying by in rapid motion, with end of year trips and special events around every turn. Long evenings outside, first trips to the beach and picnics in the sun. I always enjoy this time of year, so much happening, lots of fun going on, the promise of long and lazy summer days are so close. The sun warming your skin, the sand beneath your toes and the smell of sunscreen filling your nose becomes more than some far away fantasy, but instead these fun filled days are so close that you can just taste it. The deep and satisfying pull of summer settles deep within your soul, somewhere where God meets you and calls out to you to leave all schedules and appointments behind and in its place calls out to you to just lay back and enjoy your family and His creation. There is something almost magical about summer, something that soothes my soul and eases all the stress from a too busy school year. And as we move into my eldest son’s last year of high school before graduation (Gr 12), my middle boys last year of middle school (Gr 9), and my daughters first year of middle school (Gr 7), I feel like this summer is definitely one to be savored as big changes are on there way.

Yesterday morning my daughter and I went to our local farmers market, Tia was on the lookout for mini donuts and homemade soap (she’s hooked and can’t go back to what she calls “regular soap” – what a drama queen!) and I was on the look out for some local produce and I wanted to see what was new at the market this year. It seems like every year it just gets bigger and bigger and much to my delight the produce spread out everywhere was fabulous and ended up having a very hard time deciding what to get. We like a lot of leafy greens, and beets are a total treat, but lets just say that any vegetable cooked on the bbq will be eaten in a hurry!

So what did I decide? After much humming and hawing we finally decided on a tomatoes, a cucumber, beets, jalapeno peppers and strawberries - plus some cinnamon honey for a treat (it is soooo good). So last nights menu will included grilled chicken, grilled jalapeno peppers, red peppers, onions and tomatoes and baked potatoes loaded with sour cream and chives. This morning my husband and I had strawberries, yogurt and granola – which is my personal favorite

Since I spent all afternoon and evening doing yard work, then topped off the day with a game of tennis, lets just say that today will be quieter and slower (as my aching muscles demand it!)! My husband and boys have taken off to play some paint ball, which means my daughter and I will have the whole house to ourselves all day long and it will be early in bed tonight for everyone’s early start tomorrow, which will kick off a very busy week.

So here is to all you Canadian’s that are anxiously waiting for school to be over and all the lounging and playing to begin – just two more weeks :)


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