Thursday, June 18, 2009


As with all my posts this week, I will continue outlining my weekly schedule, today is Thursday, we are almost to the end of the week, phew! Today's schedule looks much like Monday's schedule.

My Typical "Thursday To Do List":

1. Cleaning
I have this huge list for cleaning, that outlines what needs to be done when. There is a Monday week one/week two, and a Thursday week one/week two. And I "loosely" follow this list. The reason why I say loosely is because it is not like I pour over my list checking of meticulously what has been done and scrambling to do everything on the list. Instead I use it as a guideline of what needs to be done. It is a gentle reminder not to only clean the oven fan once a year or to go 4 months without cleaning the oven.

So today is Thursday Clean - Week 2 (and the nice printed list is on my fridge). I keep track of what week is is as my kids are on a 4 week schedule for kitchen help, odd weeks are week 1, even weeks are week 2. As I explain this, it kind of sounds difficult or confusing, but honestly it really is not. Also, cleaning lists are helpful if anyone is actually helping clean, as all they have to do is look at the list to see what should be done - so if my kids ask "what needs to be done to clean the bathroom?" or "the livingroom looks clean to me!", I don't feel irritated that they don't know aready, or wonder how they are ever going to move out sucessfully on their own, I can just calmly tell them to look at the list.

2. Laundry
All of you with big families know, laundry just goes on and on and on...even those of you with only one or two children may feel like that. I use to really hate laundry, partly because I felt like I was doing it every day and it just never felt "done". Although this will change in the summer (I will probably do one load a day as we will be out more), during the school year I do not want to feel like I am doing laundry all the time, I would rather just set aside bigger chunks of time and do more, this is my preference though.

So today is laundry day (and I actually think my boys forgot to bring down their laundry, ha, ha - looks like it will be an easy laundry day :) ).

3. Shopping
I can not buy enough milk for an entire week normally (although I would LOVE another fridge to help with things like that!), so I will ofen run to the store and grab more milk. I try to stay focused and keep my eyes on the milk, and not buy anything else.

So there you have it - my Thursdays. Not very exciting, granted, but as Thurday evening tends to be a busy one, with 2 - 3 different things going on between the 4 kids, I like to make sure that things are done during the day so I can focus on getting the kids to their activities and off to work and I don't feel crazed at the dinner hour.

Have a great Thursday!

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