Sunday, June 21, 2009

In Honour of Father's Day

To Jeremy - 50 Things I Appreciate and Love About You:

1. That you always make sure to get me directions when I go out of town so that I know where I am going.

2. That you love everything I cook and you say “thank you” after every meal.

3. That even if you don’t love everything I cook, you never say so.

4. That you genuinely appreciate that I work hard to keep the house clean.

5. That you are kind and gentle with the dogs.

6. That you would never take all the coffee in the morning (even though I would, and have).

7. That you aren’t afraid to ask for directions - asking always makes you look smarter and makes me feel well taken care of.

8. That you never curse or use foul language around the kids or me.

9. That you don’t associate with people socially who talk negatively about others behind their back.

10. That I know that you would never speak negatively about me behind my back or complain about me to others.

11. That you don’t rush off and make lots of purchases without discussing it with me.

12. That even when you are annoyed when I am bossy about our finances (hey, a budget made is a budget followed right?), you don’t just go buy things to spite me.

13. That you never complain when I take 30 minutes showers (…only when the kids do).

14. That you never have once left your wet towel on the ground.

15. That most days your dirty clothes actually make it into the laundry basket – not the floor.

16. That when you ask me to do something for you and I forget, you are gracious about it and not crabby.

17. That if I forgot to make you coffee at night in your coffee pot, you would never take mine.

18. That when you get up before me you try to be quiet and leave the lights low by closing the bathroom door most of the way to give you just a wee bit of light – even though I do not do the same for you when I get up before you (hey, I have to see to put on my makeup!).

19. That you never complain if I spend money on makeup or special girlie products and services.

20. That you have told our boys that they shouldn't complain when women spend money on makeup or special girlie products and services.

21. That you tell Tia and I our eyebrows look nice after we get them done, even though I don’t think you can tell the difference.

22. That your feet are almost never cold!

23. That you grow a beard because you know I like it.

24. That you can fix almost anything and save us tons of money doing it!

25. That you make our children a priority by allowing me to stay home.

26. That you take really good pictures.

27. That you don’t loose your temper or act irritated when doing at a task that is just not working out.

28. That you clean up all dead things that our cats or children have brought home or found.

29. That you spend time with Brandon and you are one of his best friends.

30. That you never complain that I am over-protective of the children (even though sometimes I am).

31. That you go on every overnight field trip that I sign you up for to keep an extra eye on my sweet babies and to make me feel better about them leaving.

32. That you always call when you are going to be late and you always call me on your way home.

33. That you never complain when I make a mess then run out the door without cleaning it up –even though sometimes complain when you do it.

34. That you wash the house windows once a year for me because I hate to do it and can never figure out how to get the darn things back in!

35. That Tia spent the better part of 9 years in our bedroom and you never complained or where grouchy (and see how well she sleeps in her own bedroom now?).

36. That you are kind to my parents.

37. That you work at jobs you don’t (or haven’t) liked to provide for our family financially.

38. That you are careful when putting things together or assembling things and never rush the job and do it poorly.

39. That you like to play tennis and will play with the kids and I.

40. That you take the boys on special camping trips or special outings.

41. That you play Wii Fit with Tia.

42. That you always let me pick the show or movie at bedtime (and hardly ever complain).

43. That you rarely raise your voice to the kids or me.

44. That you almost always let me have the last say when it comes to decisions for the kids for things like schooling and activities, it makes me feel like you trust my parenting.

45. That you tell other people that I work hard.

46. That you never leave toothpaste in the sink.

47. That you give the best back rubs ever!

48. That you will go early when you pick up Tia just because you know I like it and so I won’t stress out.

49. That you tell the kids to listen to their mother.

50. That your arms fit perfectly around me and there is no other place on this earth that feels better.

Happy Father’s Day – I love you!!


  1. I seem to have a little something in my eye...

    That was beautiful, Christine. Jer is a good man (and a lucky one).

  2. Wow. That WAS beautiful. I think you should write a list about how much you love me next!! Cause I AM your favourite sister. Ha ha ha ha ha.