Monday, April 6, 2009

The goal of housekeeping…

Is not perfection, but the impression of order and neatness.

Okay, here goes, my “dirty” little secret…I totally over clean. Alright, deep breath, my secret is out. You are probably thinking that my house is super clean (not), or in perfect order (not), or that I look like one of those stepford wives (totally not!). Here is my problem, I can find something to clean all day every day and never be satisfied with the cleanliness of my house! Now who doesn’t love a clean and tidy house? Floors sparkling, mirrors gleaming, beds made, pillows placed, not a piece of paper or newspaper in sight…ahhhh…just writing that makes me want to get up and start cleaning! Here is the problem - I will put off other things (important things) in order to clean, clean, clean…and here is the whopper of a problem…it is just a vicious cycle…it is never enough! I have four kids, two dogs and a husband that all seem to oppose my goal of the perfectly clean and tidy house!

So what is a girl to do?

I have tried a new trick this week, which will work for those who tend to over clean (me) and those who tend to under clean (I mention no names…). I make my list in the morning of everything that needs to get done that day, pray over it, then crossed off all items that I feel God is saying does not need to be done (thanks for such a great tip!!). Then I write out a schedule to my day, determining how long each task will take. Then I put on a timer and try to “beat the clock”. How much can I clean in 15 minutes??? I was surprised to find out!

I know that this is not revolutionary or anything, but it does work in helping me keep my time and priorities strait. It is so easy to be distracted or get to the end of a day and think, “what did I do all day long?” I am learning that managing my housekeeping time is just as important as keeping a neat and tidy home, maybe more so for me.

My new goal of housekeeping is not perfection (deep breath), but the impression of order and neatness (exhale).



  1. Love it! Want me to help you stay accountable to not over-cleaning? (teehee)

    BTW, nice work getting your sidebar set up. You did it all without me! :)

    Miss you...

  2. Hi Christine,
    This post made me laugh so hard. Dave has been in and out of the hospital for the past 3 months. I felt my house was dirty so I hired a cleaning service to come and help me. The first thing they said when they were done was that I had the cleanest house they ever cleaned. LOL Lesson learn I over clean. Dave teases me I clean just to reclean. LOL