Wednesday, April 22, 2009

About Me - My Family

I am married to my childhood sweetheart, Jeremy. We met when I was a mere 14 years old at a summer resort. Unfortunately, we lived in different cities, and as summer turned to fall, our romance did not last. Life after that summer took both of us down different turns, and at the time neither of us were following Jesus.

My first son, Brandon was born to me a few months after my 17th birthday. He changed my life; in many ways he saved my life. He was my pride and joy from the first minute I knew I was pregnant, and although I was young, mothering felt right, like where I was suppose to be. I married Brandon’s father and my second son, Jesse, came along just over 2 years later. Little did I know at the time, but just 16 days after Jesse came into the world, Jeremy’s first son, Justin, was born.

My teenage marriage started to fall apart right away. Although I took to mothering naturally, being a wife did not come naturally to me, and within a year after Jesse was born my marriage broke up. The same thing was happening the next city over for Jeremy. A rocky relationship, based on an unplanned pregnancy, was breaking up.

Jeremy and I had never fully lost touch, my family and him had remained friends and on the May long weekend when I was 21 years old, Jeremy ended up on my doorstep. He told me that he had never stopped loving me, that in his heart he knew that I was the one that he was suppose to spend the rest of his life with. Romance quickly turned into real life, and within our first year together his son Justin came to live with us, and our daughter, Tia, was born.

The roads that Jeremy and I took were not easy, but they were real. Jeremy and I have had to fight for our marriage, our children and our family. Some days we wanted to give up, but our love for each other and our children always kept us fighting through all the obstacles and difficulties we faced.

In May (2009), Jeremy and I will be celebrating 13 years together with our four children, Brandon (16 years old), Jesse (14 years old), Justin (14 years old) and Tia (11 years old).


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  1. Thanks for sharing your real life my friend...some hard and wonderful times. God has great plans for all of you.

  2. Very sweet that you ended up together after meeting at summer camp!!