Monday, April 27, 2009

Ready, Set, CLEAN! - Part II

Did everyone have a fun week of cleaning? We have huge piles in our spare room of things we need to get rid of. Every year as the children get older, they grow out of not only clothes, but books, toys, and other such items, that need to be stored for sentimental reasons, passed on to friends with younger children, or donated. This week, not only are we going to be cleaning, but we are going to move things out. All of the piles that have accumulated from sorting through all of our stuff is move our this week to new homes. But before we can do that, there is one more important room left to go through...the playroom/games room!!

Playroom/Games room:
- Empty all toy boxes and storage areas: remove toys that your child is no longer interested in, all broken toys, or toys with missing parts, put back only what is age appropriate and in good condition, put all else in bins (move, garbage, get rid off).
- Vacuum and wipe down all shelves, furniture and large game items (e.g., air hockey table, pool table) and behind televisions and gaming units.
- Wipe down all electronic items, including cords, remotes and controllers.
- Go through crafts, board games and puzzles, put back only what is age appropriate and in good condition, put all else in bins (move, garbage, get rid off).

Get Rid of Bins:
-Go through the entire pile/bins of items to get rid off and decide what you are going to sell, give to someone in particular, and what you are going to donate to your local thrift store.
- Pile all of the items in your vehicle and drop them off - get it all out of your house! Delaying will only cause huge pile-ups, causing more clutter in your home!

Have fun cleaning and de-cluttering,

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