Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Easy Lip Gloss

My daughter is the queen of lip gloss - she is constantly slathering her lips with some form of shinny balm. She doesn't like any other form of makeup (yet), but she loves her lips shinny and moisturised.

I have been going through books and websites that talk about making your own beauty products and have had lots of great results, so I have been starting to branch out. Here is the lip gloss recipe that I made for my daughter (and me!) that she LOVES!

Shinny Lip Gloss
*Recipe from Janice Cox (She has lots of great recipes!)

1 tsp Coconut oil (found in any health food store)
1 tsp Petroleum jelly

Melt in a small dish and pour into an clean lip gloss container or pill box (found at any pharmacy).

Let cool and ta-da - instant frugal lip gloss! Can it be any easier???

For more great tips check out WFMW!

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  1. Sounds super easy. Great tip!


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