Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Trip to Siffleur Falls

We decided to get out of town this weekend and go hiking. Every time I turned my back Jesse was climbing something and Jerry was busy snapping pictures off the fool child and encouraging the foolish behaviour...boys!!

Needless to say, we all had fun and I can't wait to plan another hiking trip!

What a fun trip!!


  1. Fun! I was wondering why you weren't answering your dang phone! :)

  2. That boy (Jesse) is crazy! But even the picture of you on the rocks with the river below - yikes, kind of makes my stomach drop. Glad you had a fun family day!


  3. WOW! that is beautiful mountians!

  4. I am in the very South USA. About one hour north of New Orelans. Very humid and tropical weather here. I wish I could see some real winter weather. Friday, the high was 83 at lunch. It was miserable. But, a front came in and the temp dropped 30 degress in two hours. Today, the high is 70. Perfect weather for the flowers.

  5. Nice pics. Did you stay at DavidThomp. resort? We camped there this summer, & it's gorgeous. We also took a helicopter ride over & through the mountains. Such a nice way to get away. : )